Wedding Preparations

A wedding is defined as a marriage ceremony, a wedding ring is given by the spouse at the ceremony and wedding vows are a commitment, intent and a promise. All things wedding can vary by cultural significances; however, the ring is the only item that prison inmates and their visitors are permitted to wear. How’s that for diversity, mixing weddings and prisons? No pun intended folks!

Let’s start at the beginning, and first, make sure you’ve found the right mate. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you will want to think about the answers to these questions before saying “yes.” Do you:

• Share the same values and interests?
• Brag about each other?
• Make sacrifices for each other?
• Feel comfortable making long-term plans together?
• Think you families are both on board?
• Want that person to be the first one to know about all the important happenings in your life?
• Feel challenged, even though you enjoy the same things, there’s always more to life, right?
• Feel that you are the number one priority?
• Feel that your finances are stable?
• Care about each other’s friends?
• Communiicate well?
• Have a healthy history of relationship?
• Love more than you fight?
• Accept each other as you are with no expectations of change?

The decision is yours, and if you decide to say “yes,” let us help you get started on your list of things to do. Try to give yourself a year or so to get everything done to make the day everything you’ve dreamed.

Wedding Planning

Here’s a checklist to help you get started. Your head is going to quickly fill with a million questions and answers that may or may not stay put!

• First, grab a folder, or notebook, or whatever you want to keep yourself organized and take good notes. Make it something lightweight so you can easily carry it with you as you shop and meet providers for the day. If you’re like many, you may have already been skimming bridal magazines and/or have some ideas about what you and your mate like most. Keep pictures and notes in your binder, because they will help your memory and that of the wedding party and your families. They can also help you describe what you want to a vendor.
• Determine a budget by talking with your mate and your families. Your families may not always be financially able to help foot the bill, which means that more burden will fall on you directly. Think about the costs associated with:

o Hiring a planner if desired,
o Hiring a wedding photographer Merida,
o Dresses and tuxedos,
o Venue,
o Minister fee,
o Music, singers, readers,
o Flowers,
o Reception, venue, food, entertainment, decorations.