Finally, Wedding Week is Here

• Confirm all vendors and arrival times. Send the caterer the final guest list. Prepare payments if they need to be made before the event.
Pick up your dress/tuxedos.
• Do you need to purchase or assemble welcome baskets for any out of town guests?
• Schedule a spa day if you need one, life has been hectic for you!
• Send a copy of your ceremony and reception schedule to the wedding party and other participants as needed.
• Make sure your shoes are comfy. Do you need to break them in?
• Pack for your honeymoon!
• Relax and enjoy your day. You’ve worked hard to make it special, so don’t worry about a thing, it will be perfect!

Of course, these steps may not be necessary, based on your desires and your budget. Even with all your detailed planning, if anything goes wrong, laugh it off. It isn’t the end of the world and it’s far more important that you focus on the positive now, no bridezillas needed! As an option, you could just book a flight to Vegas and be done! No matter what, where or when, make it your day and have fun!