Wedding Planning Checklist

• Make the all-important decision of who’s in and who’s out! All your family and friends will be wondering about the wedding party. Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man and who will give the bride away.
• Once that part is done, begin work on your guest list. Remember your budget here and consider the catering costs per plate!

• If you decide you want to engage a wedding planner, now is the time and be sure to have your organizer book with you as you meet prospects.
• Set your date, time and determine a viable venue. Will the wedding and reception be in the same location? You don’t want them to be too far apart, your guests may have already traveled to attend the wedding. Will transportation be a challenge? Based on the time of your wedding and reception, some folks could need transportation home or overnight accommodations just in case you’re serving alcohol.
• Hire the person you want to officiate.
• Here come the good stuff and the place where your budget can easily get out of control. Interview:
o Caterers;
► Wedding cake,
► Groom’s cake,
► Sit down meal,
► Buffet,
► Snacks,
► Drinks,

o Find a Photographer/Videographer to create amazing wedding pictures;
o Flowers, your bouquet;
o Bands/Disc Jockeys.
• If you planned for an engagement party, schedule that nine to ten months before your wedding day.
• What colors do you want to have, what kinds of flowers?